In 2008, I had only three weekends in the Team 00 Honda Civic. I had good results at Mosport, including an enduro (unfortunately, I broke out from the class).

At Shannonville, the team really struggled with the track surface again, which lead to my front tires cording badly, just like 2007. During the test day, I also took out the new Team 00 Saturn for a session.

At Calabogie, I was doing very well, as I know the track. I was not able to race at Calabogie in 2007 as I was the Secretary of the Meet of the Inaugural race there, but this year I was better able to juggle the organizational work against my time for racing. I qualified second in class and was running second in class when I had my first big accident. The video is below, but the accident itself may be disturbing to watch (there is a warning in the video before it happens, or stop at 15:10).

Photos are available in the gallery.

The video from Calabogie is available at Vimeo. Vimeo has much better quality than the competitors.

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