In 2007, I joined Team 00 and rented a Honda Civic (an ex-Honda Michelin Series car). I did very well, with multiple second places at Shannonville and Mosport.

I raced at Shannonville and Mosport. I raced in the Mobil1 GT Sprints series. I also raced with 2 other drivers for a 3-hour endurance race.

My highest finishing position was Second Place.

The Shannonville event was a terrible mess. There were timing issues –  apparently our car was not showing up on the timing loop. This meant that while I should have qualified first or second, I started from the back of the pack. I had a great race fighting my way all the way up to second place on the last corner of the final lap. However, the timing issues meant that our car did not show up and I was classified last. One lesson learned here is to always run a video camera to tape every race. I never did get my position corrected, despite trying for the rest of the year.

One other issue with our CRDA weekend at Shannonville was tire grip. The car was sliding all over the track, and we corded 5 or 6 front tires.

The Mosport weekends were great, and I was able to get the Civic down into the 1:44’s (which is a class breakout). In fact, in 2007 and 2008, I set the fastest time in the Civic of any of the drivers.

I did not run at the inaugural Ted Powell Memorial race weekend at Calabogie Motorsport Park (CMP), as I was the MCO Secretary of the Meet. The 2007 Ted Powell Memorial Race weekend won the award as the Best Organized Club Event in Ontario. I am so proud of the work done that weekend.

Photos are available in the gallery.

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