My new job

After nearly 10 months as Release Technical Leader (Sustaining) for CDMA OA&M, I have moved to a new role in our new Wi-Fi organization.

Early this year, as the future of CDMA R&D was in great doubt (as CDMA spending was expected to decline as 4G wireless technologies ramp up), I had a terribly stressful time looking to secure my future. I was not told that a position was being held for me, so I assumed that there was no job for me. It was a horrible 3-4 months not knowing what was going to happen but seeing everyone else around me get job offers.

This time, I was kept in the loop about my future. I was put forward as a candidate for our carrier-grade Wi-Fi unit. I had one interview with my future boss over a late lunch, then a second interview with a future co-worker.

The new role is in a customer-facing role, different from my technical/project leader role I have held over the last 10-11 years in CDMA. My role will involve up to 50% of my time traveling to customer sites for testing, demos, proof of concepts, technical support and even some training.

In the interviews, and re-emphasized by the HR prime, everyone wanted to make sure I was ok with the travel demands. I spoke with Rosa and had an honest appraisal of my desires, and agreed that I would welcome the travel.

With that, I was offered the job and I accepted.

Today is my first day. It is a different office building than the rest of the Ottawa teams. But I already know many people from Ericsson (and even one from Nortel).

I have spent the day going through the training program again. I want to ramp up on Wi-Fi technology and our products quickly. I want to be useful to my new department as quickly as possible.

I am really excited to have this opportunity! I am really looking forward to my future in Wi-Fi.

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