Safari 4

So the new Apple Safari 4 is awesome. The coverflow of the history items (except for auto-refresh pages – I’m looking at you Contivity VPN), the Top Sites, it’s all very neat.


The new tab paradigm is awful! Putting the tabs at the top of the window (in-line with the window close, maximize and minimize widgets) is a terrible design. The tabs should be a child of the overall window controls, including the forward and back buttons and the search box, and below bookmark information. The tabs should not be the parent of the window, but should be children widgets. And not including a preference to change the tabs back to the old location is a major gap.

Plus, the new Javascript engine does not handle the WordPress pop-ups when editing. I have to use the raw HTML to add links instead of using the nice Visual text tools.

I don’t understand why Apple so often breaks their own existing paradigms. No other tool in MacOSX puts children widgets like tabs in the Title bar. It’s just wrong.

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