BMW damageI am devastated. I cried.

I was changing the tires on my BMW 330Ci, removing the winter tires and putting on the brand new Bridgestone Potenza RE-11‘s in anticipation of the lapping event tomorrow at Calabogie Motorsports Park. The jacking point on these BMWs is a plastic block under the door sill. I figured out later that the jack wasn’t moving forward as it went up, which generated a strong lateral force on the jack point (the plastic block). The plastic block popped out, the car moved sideways and came down on the still-extended jack. It ripped the rocker panel (part of the Performance Package with the 330Ci) and bent the metal just below the door. It also stripped the paint down to the bare metal, so it will all have to be repainted quickly.

The repair is likely to be expensive.

I’m so upset about this. I love my car. Rosa loves my car. I’ve had people come up to me (when the car is stopped at a traffic light) and tell me what a great looking car.