I’ve been struggling with my memory lately. I can’t remember some of the simplest data – such as the dates of Rosa’s performances, or something someone tells me.

I’ve been just shrugging this off as nothing important, but in actuality it’s been bothering me. I used to have a great memory. I could remember so much, even some of the most obscure references (or so I thought – Rosa has pointed that sometimes what I remembered was not the same as what she remembered).

Just now, I could not remember the phrase “race condition”. I had to Google for deadlock to find the phrase on a Wikipedia page.

And I suddenly and horrifyingly realized that the root cause is that I’m getting old. This is what it must be like. That slow decent into the realm of imperfect memory access.

Oh my god, I’m only 14 months away from being 40. I didn’t realize until just now how close I am to being 40. I think I want to cry or something.

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