Added Spain trip details

I’ve finished writing the story of our trip to Madrid and Barcelona, Spain. All of the photos in our travel gallery are now captioned (don’t know how I missed doing that before).

Our trip story:

Our gallery:

The Google Earth file showing our travels: Spain 2005.kmz.

Rosa in Plaça de Catalunya
Rosa in Plaça de Catalunya

I’ll add the Gallery links to the Google Maps later. I need to do some programming to allow me to add that data (as a CustomField) later.

Looking back at the photos I took during the trip, I am overall disappointed. I can see that I was very new at using the SLR (Canon Rebel 2000); often I did not know how to correctly set an exposure and ran on full-auto mode. The sensor in the camera had a hard time with the bright Spanish sky and a dark foreground. The film was then scanned and corrected as much as possible in Adobe Photoshop. The only pictures that I really like are the ones we took in Plaça de Catalunya. I sometimes wish I could retake the photos with the experience I have now.

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