STS-132 Launch Video

I’ve been able to get some time to work on completing the video of the launch of STS-132 Atlantis.

This was recorded from the NASA Causeway, about 6 miles (9km) from Launch Pad 39A. I recorded it in HD on my GoPro HD Motorsport Hero. I set it on a book in front of the crowd (thus the very low angle). As there is no LCD screen, I had to guess if it was pointed in the correct direction and angle. I feel great because I basically nailed it.

The audio on my video was not very good. There was a person next to the camera who was screaming with joy. Far too loudly!

So, to deal with it, I imported the video into iMovie ’09 and added the audio of the NASA Public Affairs Officer (George Diller), and then mixed in raw audio of the awesome crackle of the Solid Rocket Boosters. The NASA copyright statement indicates that the audio and video can be used for non-commercial purposes. Unfortunately, I can no longer figure out which YouTube video I used to get this last audio stream. I will keep searching in order to give the correct credit.

The video is hosted on Vimeo.

STS-132 Shuttle Atlantis launch from Richard Muise on Vimeo.

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