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I’ve been wanting to buy an iPhone for months now. I waited until the iPhone 4 was announced, rather than pick up the previous model. Once it was announced in Canada at the end of July, I started to look but then I had some unexpected repairs to my BMW, so I held off until I knew how much it would cost to repair (oil level sensor on the oil pan).

Today, with the BMW repairs done, I started calling around seriously looking to get the iPhone 4. I called over 20 dealers in the city, including Rogers, Best Buy, Future Shop, Wireless Wave, Telephone Booth and Shoppers Drug Mart outlets. No one has one.

The push is to buy one before Rogers ends the $30 for 6GB/month deal on September 30th.

My current cell phone is a Telus Sanyo SCP-5000. It is 13 years old and I can’t get service outside of the city of Ottawa – it’s just so old. I bought it when I was 27 years old; I’m 40 now.

I’m switching from Telus to Rogers because we will get a discount on our Rogers bill because we have cable, internet and soon (I hope) our mobile with Rogers.

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