Mac Hack Attack

Over the past few days, I have not been able to properly see the web site. It comes out garbled. I tried it on my Macintosh using three different browsers. I started to worry that I might have been hit by some sort of cross-site scripting attack. I even looked up the DNS entry and went directly to the IP address¬† That didn’t work either.

I also had a problems with a few other pages. The Boeing NLA page on the Wikipedia seemed to have a similar problem that lasted 2 days. The B+H Photo web page had the same problem yesterday, but it is fine today.

I tried the same sites on my PC, and got the same results (again, using two browsers).

I tried on my iPhone while on 3G, but it went to the mobile web page and it was fine.

Since it was impacting multiple computers at home, I then worried that there was something going on with an IP-redirect. Once, just for a fraction of a second, I thought I saw something that looked like “” on the address line before it changed to That had me very freaked out.

Finally, after much googling, I found that the root cause was not a hack attack against my Mac. The Rogers DNS was borked.

I switched to Google DNS, and everything is working fine again.

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