2011 Cadillac Driver Training Program

Today I had the opportunity to participate in the Cadillac Driver Training Program at Calabogie Motorsports Park (CMP). It was a good day with great weather and happy Cadillac owners!

As a customer day, the instructors were asked to dress with black pants and shoes. We were all given black Cadillac hats and white golf shirts. We looked great! And we were all given magnetic nametags, which looked classy.

There were 16 drivers attending the event. The Ontario Regional Director of Marketing represented Cadillac. There was a full team of photographers and filmmakers were recording the event for a video that should be available later.

The catered lunch was really delicious, and it provided a good time to relax and talk with the participants. They all were enjoying the day so far; I knew that the afternoon was going to be even more fun than the morning exercises.

The afternoon was dedicated to tracking their high performance vehicles. We used the stadium track at CMP, which was a blast. Some of the customers were driving CTS-V coupes with supercharged V8 engines producing 556hp! Wow!

At the end of the day, the drivers had a wonderful gift bag, including a large framed print of them and their cars, a group photo, and the Cadillac logo. It looked great. And it was done so fast – the pictures were taken at lunchtime.

It was a pleasure to work with the team and to provide a special day for the Cadillac customers. I would like to participate next week at Mosport, but I am not going to have enough time due to our upcoming trip to Europe.

[Updated: some photos were posted here: http://www.ontariocts.com/?p=516]

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