Sound of Lights Fireworks

There is so much to do in Ottawa, and Rosa and I rarely find time to explore this great city. So this summer, we are trying to get out to see more and do more.

I have wanted to see the big fireworks competition (“Sound of Lights“) over at Casino Lac Leamy in Gatineau. I mentioned it to Rosa and we agreed to go. I studied how to take good fireworks photos so I would be prepared.

We had an early dinner with friends at Santé and then headed off to Gatineau. However, we did not plan how long it would take to get into the parking lot. It took nearly 90 minutes. By the time we finally parked in the dark, the fireworks had already started.

We walked as quickly as we could, using a flashlight to keep us on the path. It was nearly a kilometre from the parking to the seating area for the fireworks, so we missed much of the show. When we did finally arrive, the best locations were taken, and we were behind a stand of trees. We could only really see the fireworks that exploded above the trees. We missed the ground displays. We were also too far from any speakers that were carrying the commentary and music.

I also left my camera in the car. By the time we parked, it was already starting to rain. That put an even bigger damper on the evening.

We will plan better next year, and hope for better weather.

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