Kansas City Royals vs Oakland Athletics

Today, my last Sunday in Kansas, I went with my co-workers to see a Major League Baseball (MLB) game. The Kansas City Royals were hosting the Oakland Athletics at Kauffman Stadium.

Kauffman Stadium
Kauffman Stadium

We arrived around noon. The tickets, way up in the nosebleed section, were really inexpensive – only $9 each! Once inside, we grabbed a quick lunch and then made our way up to our seats.

As this was my first MLB game, I was expecting it would drag out. But the game moved along quickly.

During the 7th inning, I got up and walked around the stadium, seeing the different views and taking pictures. Down on the lowest level, the views were very good and I got some nice shots.

I am quite proud of two shots. The first one is Eric Hosmer of the Royals being hit by a pitch. The photo shows the ball just touching his shoulder. The other photo, possibly also of Eric Hosmer, looks like an out at first base by only a few inches – very close to call for an umpire.

We went for dinner after the game and finished off the day with dessert at The Cheesecake Factory.

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