2011 Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada season finale

I had the pleasure to work in the control tower for the season finale of the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada at Mosport International Raceway. It was part of the huge American Le Mans weekend. The weekend is officially the Mobil 1 Grand Prix of Mosport. I was there Friday for the Test day, plus Saturday and Sunday for the racing. As the weather was good I camped inside Turn-1.

Crowded Mosport control tower
Crowded Mosport control tower

It was my first time in the Mosport control tower. Unlike a regional weekend, a bank of TV monitors linked to the television cameras around the track were set up along one wall of the control room. There was also an instant reply system in the back of the room. Altogether it was a great way to view the racing.

I attended the drivers meetings for the GT3 series. The key messages were about jump starts and blocking. It was a relatively quiet weekend (clean racing) in the tower. I also watched some of the other series (such as the American Porsche GT3 Cup series).

We had a good turn out for the season finale races. There were 18 entries for the weekend, which meant the racing was great!

Saturday evening I talked with the Race Director about the year in review, and to gather feedback, which was positive. We also discussed the 2012 season. I want to be part of the series again next year.

The racing for me was over around noon on Sunday. The afternoon was reserved for the main 2h45m ALMS race. I did not go into the tower during the ALMS race – it would have been far too crowded. Instead I left for home a little early – it’s nearly a 4-hour drive back to Ottawa.

ALMS paddock at Mosport
ALMS paddock at Mosport

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