Ottawa Zombiewalk 2011

Ottawa Zombiewalk 2011

Today, Rosa and I attended the annual Zombie Walk downtown. It started in the east and ended up on the front lawn of Parliament Hill.

We arrived late, so that limited me to only the Hill for taking photos. I would have liked to take some along the walk too. Additionally because of the late afternoon sun, and the desire to avoid the modern city scape as a background, I was very limited in the angles I could use.

I found a spot just inside the gates, where all of the zombies were entering. It was the best I could do, but once settled in, crouching down low, it actually was a pretty good spot. The low vantage point, looking up at the zombies backlit from the setting sun, it gave an ominous feeling.

There were some excellent costumes. One of the most photographed was the zombie of recently deposed and disposed Colonel Gaddafi of Libya. Also of note were the Lego Minifig zombies.

Some other photos from the Zombiewalk are here:

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