Vintage clothing sale

Vintage Clothing Sale
Vintage Clothing Sale

Last year Rosa and I attended the Vintage Clothing sale at the Château Laurier. It was a lot of fun, so we made plans to make sure we did not miss it this year.

We dropped off Rosa’s mother Lemin at Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica for the French service and then went to the sale. In the morning it was so crowded. I could barely move around. I stayed only 45 minutes before I left to pick up Lemin. I took her to eat a quick lunch at the RichTree Market in the Rideau Centre then we returned to the Vintage Sale.

There was a little more room to move around. But it still took 10 minutes to find Rosa in the three huge rooms.

I set a special goal this year. Last year, I was so shy I didn’t take any pictures of anyone except Rosa. This year, my goal was to actually talk to people and take pictures. There are so many interestingly dressed people at the show; it should be easy, if only I was an extrovert. Which I am not.

I found by speaking with some of the sellers, that it was not as busy as last year. I found that astounding as I could hardly move around in the morning.

I did talk to a few people. Not a lot but at least a few. It’s hard to overcome my shyness.

Rosa and friends
Rosa and friends

Rosa introduced me to a few people that she knew through other events like the Ottawa Fashion week (when I was at Mosport). It was a pleasure to meet Joa and friend. He is from El Salvador and is working in Ottawa ex-pat for a global professional services company.

I was not the only photographer at the show. I was envious that some of them were so at ease with approaching people. A few people stopped Rosa, as she was dressed stylishly as always. Marcia from the blog MarciaBCreative talked with Rosa and the photographer John Smith took her photo.

Rosa and I are looking forward to next year, which will likely be in a different location. I’ll remember get a press or photo pass from the organizer. I have been questioned by the organizer each year I show up with my DSLR camera.

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